Best SpamKiller

Best SpamKiller 1.00

Utility to avoid receiving junk mail on your cellphone

Be protected against SPAM and unwanted persons! Learn how to stop junk messages on your phone. Best SpamKiller is the easiest way to eliminate spam effectively.

Discover the safe way to stop unwanted messages that get to your smartphone. It also can be used as an excellent privacy tool.


Best SpamKiller analyses every incoming message as it arrives, checking and filtering it if it is suspected to be a junk message.

It uses a customizable list of blacklisted senders numbers and even content filters to filter out potential spammer messages.


Automatic deletion of unwanted messages.

When a junk message arrives you won't be disturbed by a message alarm. You even won't know about junk message. Best SpamKiller will handle it. Your time is only your time, don't waste it on spammers.

Friends List

Add your friends addresses here and they will always be recognized.


Curious how much spam comes to your phone?

Or want to be sure that no non-spam message is blocked? Then Best SpamKiller log is for you. Here you find messages deleted by Best SpamKiller.

You can even define for how many days a deleted message should be kept in a log. After this time a junk message will be automatically and permanently removed from your phone not to waste your device space.

Easy to use

The user interface is very simple and easy to understand and allows you to create and manage custom messaging filter rules in seconds.

Best SpamKiller


Best SpamKiller 1.00